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Anh Duc steel structure joint-stock company is company diversify

– Established under the enterprise law – certificate of business registration no. 3601775127 by department of planning and investment of Dong Nai province on 11 May 2009 06.
– Office located at 114 – Q2 Stress- Quarter 1 – Long Binh Tan Ward – Bien Hoa – Dong Nai Province
– Phone: 0617301974
– Mobile: 0983220703 to 01203202274
– Tax code: 3601775127
– Account number: 10622656518011 -Anh Duc steel structure joint-stock company
– Bank Techcombank – industrial zone Tan Son Nhat- Ho Chi Minh City.


– Processing, erection of pre-engineered steel buildings, structural steel construction.
– Processing and manufacturing of mechanical products. Building and civil engineering industry.
– Purchase and sale of iron, steel, steel, materials for mechanical engineering and metal corrosion
– Purchase and lease of motor vehicles, machinery and construction industries.
– Review, evaluation, consulting, design, construction and civil industry.
– New construction and complete construction of civil and industrial projects.
– Transport of goods by road.


– Willingness to venture capital investment cooperation, equipment, technology, human resources skilled in the field of mechanical units and abroad to carry out the works and projects with the rules tissue.


– Anh Duc steel structure joint-stock company was gathered a large team of engineers with years of experience, formal training at the university’s reputation as Vietnam: Hanoi University of Technology – Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University – University Building Engineering – Architectural University – City of Education Technology – Transportation DHGT. With a team of enthusiastic engineers have been working and working in big companies reputation in the field of processing, manufacture, erection of pre-engineered steel buildings and other engineering products of foreign investment is now in Vietnam, as well as have involved the construction of civil works, industrial and road bridge. Besides we have a team of skilled workers trained in the field of industry assembled machine, the human resources of oil and gas industry, colleges and vocational No. 8 MOD. Young strong team work, energetic and enthusiastic professional with many years experience in areas such as: Korean high-technology tubes (Tig, Mig, Max) – South Korean pressure tank – Structural Welding – welding materials are metallic colors – Machine with the intricate details for the oil industry – ship repair – Combination home and pre-engineered assembly line technology available today. Comparable with the factories and processing buildings and large institutional prestige on the market today Vietnam and Southeast Asia, such as PEB Steel – Kirby – Zamil – Quatron – BlueScope.


1.Customer is strategic shareholders.
2. Safety is foremost.
3. Is top quality.
4. Satisfy customer’s request


– Duc Anh steel structure joint-stock company to thank customers for your trust, enthusiastically supported throughout the company over time. Through this record company capability shares Duc Anh steel structure joint-stock company wish to send customers our commitment to bring our customers the absolute trust of the company’s products, the regime warranty and after sale after sale in the best way, to bring peace of mind for our customers during use. Duc Anh steel structure joint-stock company is the place to send customers peace of mind of your faith.

Heartfelt Thanks
Duc Anh steel structure joint-stock company
Pham Hai Anh

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Dự án cầu vượt 3/2

Địa điểm: Đường 3/2, Lý Thái Tổ, TP HCM
Loại dự án: Cầu vượt
Trạng thái: Hoàn thành

Dự án gia công tổ hợp dầm cầu vượt 3/2, Lý Thái Tổ một trong những dự án tiêu biểu mà công ty Anh Đức là đơn vị thi công, công trình cầu vượt mở ra hướng đi mới cho sự phát triển của xã họi tránh ùn tắc giao thông cục bộ như trước đây.

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